To vše jsem vám   
říkal v obrazech   
(Jan 16, 25)   


V. Biennale for Diaconia will take place in Brno from 11th through 15th November 2015. Its open topic is "These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs." (John 16, 25).

Blahoslavův dům, Lidická 79 will be the venue of the exhibition and all the accompanying events.

All the works of art which the artists have provided for the Biennale will be presented in an on-line catalogue on this website: www.bienaleprodiakonii.cz.

Biennale for Diaconia is a cultural charity project. I. season of Biennale took place in Spring 2007, II. season in Spring 2009, III. season in Autumn 2011, IV. Season in Autumn 2013 in Brno.

The aim of the project is to present the diaconial work with the disabled members of our society; to offer an encounter with fine arts, which are through their content or through their authors linked to Christianity; and, last but not least, to collect resources for the extension of services of the Brno Centre of Diaconia ECCB and the construction of a Shelter House in Nosislav.

The profit of V. season of Biennale for Diaconia will be used for the Shelter House in Nosislav. If you wish to contribute in any way, please contact us at bienale@diakonie.cz or on phone: 00420 739 244 852.